New Works 2016

YearTitle/Build Your LibraryAuthor(s)/Editor(s)Notes
2016This Is Political Philosophy: An Introduction
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Alex Tuckness
Clark Wolf
2016Marx's Inferno: The Political Theory of Capital
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William Clare RobertsCapital - modeled on Dante’s Inferno
2016Republic of Equals: Predistribution and Property-Owning Democracy
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Alan ThomasA renovated form of capitalism
2016The Oxford Handbook of Political Philosophy (reprint)
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David Estlund, ed.New arguments on timeless questions and innovations
2016Philosophy, History, and Tyranny: Reexamining the Debate between Leo Strauss and Alexandre Kojeve
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Timothy W. Burns
Bryan-Paul Frost, eds.
Kojeve's unabridged response to Strauss
2016War as Paradox: Clausewitz and Hegel on Fighting Doctrines and Ethics
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Youri Cormier Hegel and Clausewitz converged on method
2016Concepts of Nature: Ancient and Modern
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R. J. Snell, Steven F. McGuire, eds.Searched for Cropsey's book, Plato's World--zero results!
2016Virtuous Imbalance: Political Philosophy between Desirability and Feasibility
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Francesca Pasquali
2016The Politics of Being: The Political Thought of Martin Heidegger
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Richard WolinNew preface - in view of the Black Notebooks
2016The Machiavellian Moment: Florentine Political Thought and the Atlantic Republican Tradition
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J. G. A. PocockNew introduction by Richard Whatmore